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Truths and myths about our hair.

How does Asian hair differ from others?

Asian hair tend to have higher porosity levels, absorbing and retaining moisture more quickly. People mistakenly believe that Asian hair is more resistant to styling because they are straighter.

How does this effect styling?

Many Asians tend to overperm. Highly porous hair tends to color and perm faster by as much as 50%. So it's important to use gentler solutions and customize the amount of recommended time. In Asia, you see a lot of frizzy and burnt hair thanks largely to soaking in strong solutions for too long.

What if you're coloring or perming at home?

Use a good protein pack about three days to one week prior to the coloring or perming. Protein pack is a deep penetrating conditioner that's left on for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, simply remember to reduce the amount of recommended time to about half while you're coloring.

Are some solutions better than others?

Self timing ones are better.

What about Asian children's hair?

Asian children's hair are more resistent to curls. Treat them as you would your own hair.

How often should you wash your hair?

Washing every two days using deep cleansing shampoo is all that you need.

What's a right shampoo?

Shampoos that have 5.0 to 5.5 pH levels are more suitable than the harsh 7 to 9 pH which most drugstore shampoos are.

Does conditioner leave your hair oily?

Cream rinse is a surface type conditioner that helps detangling by taking away static electricity. This is for daily usage. Petroleum, lanolin and mineral oil based conditoners, on the other hand, tend to leave hair to collect dirt more easily because the molecular structures are bigger and they weigh the hair down.

Does having oily face mean you have oily hair?

No. Although caring for your scalp is similar in concept to treating your facial skin, a lot of people, for example, have oily scalp yet dry hair.

What are some of the ingredients to stay away from?

Plastics like silicone and mineral oil are bad. Mineral oils have a low boiling point so when you're styling hair, it'll heat up and swell the hair strands. Silica, a quartz derivative, on the other hand, is a helpful sealant.


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