Essential Foundation Rules

Foundation rules for a flawless finish.

Rules for Beautiful Asian Hair
How to treat your tresses right.

Laser Peels Safe for Asian Skin?
The risks behind laser peels.

Add Height to Your Nose
Makeup Trick to Heighten Nose Bridge

6-Minute Morning Makeup
Time Saving Routine

Food Rules for Health

7 Rules to eat by.

DIY Acupressure Fixes
8 simple acupressure exercises.

5 (Different) Ways to Slow Aging
Effective tips to keeping your youthful glow

Fat-Proof Your Diet
Eat your fat away.

Food Musts: A Practical Superfood List
5 Superfood Musts.

Have Him Stay in Love

Ways to keep your catch.

AA Men Weigh In: Interracial Dating
Asian Women and Interracial Dating

AA Men Weigh In: Plastic Surgery
AA men weigh in on plastic surgery.

Will Your Love For Him Last?
Signs of enduring love.

Science of Attraction: How You Rank
How attractive are you?

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  • Mascara Trick


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