Ten Easy Beauty Updates

Dec 8, 10:39 am
After years of the same makeup, hair and skin routine, you forget one of the most important parts of women beauty: just how much fun it is! Unlike men, we have the ability to change our appearance with an eyeshadow or accessory. Take advantage of the endl Continue reading...

5 (Different) Ways to Slow Aging

Nov 23, 07:04 pm
Until someone discovers the elixir of youth, we mortals have to find alternative ways to keep ourselves feeling and looking our best for years to come. Here are 5 very practical and effective ways you can keep your youth or reclaim it! Continue reading...

20 Petite Rules for Asians

Nov 16, 12:48 pm
Petites can wear almost anything as long as the fit is proportioned and the details, like pockets and buttons are scaled down... Continue reading...


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