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All About Asian Hair

Nov 16, 12:46 pm


     The cross section of Asian hair is round, while Caucasian hair is oval and black hair is flat. Asian hair tends to be stiffer, harder to shape. We tend to get split ends more easily when our hair is permed or colored.


     You can get a perm or hair coloring but not both because our hair is susceptible to easy breakage and damage. It seems that more recent immigrants prefer perms over coloring and Asian Americans prefer coloring over perms especially if they are in their 20’s.

     It is important to use gently shampoo for treated hair and it should be washed at least every other day to remove dirt, grime and chemical residue from pollution. Larger perm rods should be used so that it doesn’t become frizzy. Many Asian salons opt automatically for smaller rods but will honor your request if you insist.
Hair spray may need to be stronger because our hair tends to be more independent minded.


     Round faces should stay away from bangs unless they have very high foreheads. Bangs will make the facial contour rounder. Try to cover cheekbones to create a longer face shape. Larger volume on top tapering down toward the bottom is ideal.


     This type of face has character and natural sex appeal. Add a little height above the forehead and keep the hair shoulder length or longer. Layering the hair in the front will smooth out jawbones and elongate the face. Diagonally covering the face adds sex appeal as well.


     This type of face can look good with most hairstyles.


     Stay away from long hair. Long hair makes the face look longer. Volume on top and covering the forehead with bands will flatter this face shape.


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