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Battle the Blues

Jan 17, 04:16 pm

     Run-ins with a nasty co-worker or being stuck in traffic every morning can leave anyone feeling a little discouraged by weekend-come. Sometimes life throws you curve-balls, but dealing with it the right way can save you weeks of wallowing. Below are a few simple tips to help you get through the gloom:

Turn on a Flick

     Comedy is surprisingly curative. According to a recent study, the anticipation of watching a romantic comedy can increase endorphins by 27%. So if you want an easy mood boost, head to your DVD collection and pop in one of your old comedy classics.

Chatter Up

     Next time you’re at the checkout make a friendly comment about their famous cutlery or coleslaw. A recent study found that acting extroverted makes people feel more positive. If you’re feeling ambitious, put on your favorite dress, grab a friend and go dance your butt off. The endorphins will leave your spirits high and you won’t mind the extra calorie-burn, either.


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