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Boost Your Fat Burn

Kim Brenton, mother and fitness guru.
Jan 20, 01:47 pm

     If your New Years resolution had anything to do with exercise or fat loss, that’s no surprise, since most of us have made resolute commitments to “getting fit” or “losing 10lbs” come new years day. Six months into the year and you’re still going strong? That’s a something to be proud! According to research, only 46% of resolutions are kept by June. Stay strong with your fitness goals throughout the year by giving your fat blast a boost:

1. Avoid The Rebound.
          Part of the reason why dieters tend to gain back weight lost is because a significant amount of the weight they are losing is muscle, not fat. If you diet and leave out exercise, your body has free reign over what it wants to burn for extra energy, and up to a third of that can be muscle. Muscle burns three times more calories than fat, so while you’re weight is going down, so is your total calorie expenditure.
          Solution? If you want to keep your lean muscle mass, incorporate moderate strength training exercises. It will alert your body that you intend on keeping those muscles and keeping that weight off.

2. Fast, Slow, Fast.
          A study done at Fitchburg State University found that women who did interval workouts on a stationary bike burned 36% more fat when they continued their steady workout the following week. Next time you hit the ground running, consider intervals to stoke your metabolism.
          How To: 0-7 minutes: Warm up at a light to moderate jog. 7-10 minutes: Increase the pace to a faster jog. 10-12 minutes: Sprint. 12-15: Light jog or walk. Repeat the last two steps at least three more times for a total of 20 minutes.


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