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Live Longer, Live Better

Corean actress and model Song Hye-kyo.
Jan 23, 04:46 pm

          While years of research and study haven’t yet puzzled together the formula for a “perfect” life, the main tenets for a good one still hold true: Stay healthy, maintain good relationships, take care of yourself, and stay optimistic. For most of us, those words of wisdom may be difficult to implement all at once. So if you are looking for more practical tips you can start getting started on right away, below are six simple things that can get you on the path to a happier, healthier and longer life.

Give Back

          If your free time is spent hovering around the kitchen in sweatpants while watching old Korean dramas, try something more rewarding. Find your nearest food bank or soup kitchen and sign up to become a volunteer. You can also use your savvy internet skills and Google some volunteer projects around your area. Why? Researchers from the University of Michigan found that people who have altruistic motives for giving back to others lived at least 23% longer than those who didn’t volunteer at all.

Red Red Wine

          Bob Marley had it right, but he probably wasn’t aware that red wine can do more than just cure a broken heart. A daily glass of red wine can prevent against heart disease and extend your life. According to a study done at Harvard, women who drink five to seven servings a week are 20% more likely to be in good health later in life. How? Alcohol, in limited amounts improves cholesterol and insulin response and reduces inflammation, which can lower the risk of illnesses like heart disease and diabetes.

Banish The Negative

          In today’s prescription-ridden society, the first sign of malaise has us running to the doctor’s. It’s no wonder the retail sale of prescription drugs is now a $250 billion industry. We neglect the fact that our emotional state is intimately tied to our physical health, and if one isn’t doing so well, we can oftentimes look to the other for a solution. Research has shown time and again that negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger and resentment weaken the immune system, leaving you more susceptible to illness and disease. So if you’re a chronic pessimist or worry wort, it’s time to deal with your negativity, before it gets the best of you.


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