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The Road to Better Sleep

Jan 31, 12:12 am

          It seems like everywhere you turn, the “secret” behind radiant skin, shiny hair, a healthy weight and a sharper mind lies in how much snooze time you manage to sneak into your hectic schedule. While we’d like to tell you any different, there is no denying the beautifying powers of a good night’s sleep. Your skin does look much more luminous after eight hours as opposed to five no matter what miracle cream you’re using.

          Whether it’s stress or online addiction, it’s time to take a step back and look at what’s keeping you up at night. One of the major problems the sleep-deprived face is getting into a habit of expecting a certain number of hours every night. It becomes a mental battle as much as a physical one.

Below are 10 practical tips to help you get more shut eye and finally reach your beauty potential. Start tonight!

1. Make your Bed
          Consciously or not, the state of our beds affect the way we approach our sleep. You may not be as ready to wind down and cuddle up under your sheets if they are left in disarray. The National Sleep Foundation reported that 44% of people who made their beds daily slept more soundly than those who left their beds undone.

2. Snooze Sweetly
          Researchers at Wesleyen University found that people who sniffed lavender oil before going to bed spent more time in deep slumber and felt more energetic in the morning than those who didn’t. As bizarre as this study sounds, try placing lavender scented potpourri on your nightstand, or hang some dried lavender in a vase near your bed.

3. Protein Plenty
          Your body does most of its rebuilding at night, so if you’re lacking protein after a hard workout at the gym, you might suffer from a restless night as your body yearns for its protein-fix. An hour before going to bed, try a bowl of protein-stocked Greek yogurt.

4. Cut Out Coffee
          When you’re tempted to reach for that hot cup of joe, summon the willpower to brew the caffeine-free tea option instead. Caffeine will stay in your system for up to 12 hours, so if you’re planning to hit the hay by 10pm, rethink that afternoon cup. A rich barely tea, found at Asian food stores, is a good alternative.

5. Tart Up
          You may want to consider an unlikely addition to your diet. According a study conducted at Northumbria University, Montmorency cherry juice (tart cherry juice, only) increases the levels of melatonin in your body—the hormone that regulates sleep. The study had participants drink 30ml of tart cherry juice twice a day for seven days and after a week, there was a 15%-16% increase in urinary melatonin. Compared to their placebo counterparts, they reported less daytime napping and spent longer in the deep sleep cycle.


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