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Food Rules For Health

Feb 17, 08:04 pm

          Navigating the sea of diet trends and health crazes can be a confusing full time job. Sometimes all we need to jump start a healthier lifestyle is to go back to the basics. Here are seven food rules to swear by and get you on the right path:

1. Prepare Breakfast

          Ditching breakfast slows your metabolism and can set you up for an evening of overeating. During sleep your body is essentially fasting, and eating breakfast will prevent your body from entering starvation mode.
          Make time in the morning to prepare a healthful meal with plenty of protein that sits within the 300-450 calorie range. If you find yourself in a morning rush, have a quick go-to breakfast in mind, like two eggs with whole wheat toast.
          For a mid-morning snack, pack some nuts (around 10 to 15) to tame any cravings before lunch.

2. Save Dessert for Later

          Next time you have an urge to replace your appetizer with a sweet treat, take a step back from the ice cream tub and exercise patience. When you eat sweets on an empty stomach, the sugar rushes directly into your bloodstream, spiking your insulin levels, and oftentimes making you crave even more. Save sweets until after your meal when your stomach is digesting. This will prevent your blood sugar from spiking.

3. Sip and Eat

          Sipping little amounts of alcohol with a meal temporarily slows your liver’s glucose production and reduces the blood sugar effects of refined starch by 25%. Choose red wine to reap heart health benefits.

4. Chew Wisely

          40 chews seem to be the magic number for reducing caloric intake. Studies have shown that people who chew at least 40 times with every bite reduce their calories by 11%. That’s over 1lb a month! Make sure to breathe between each bite to give your stomach and taste buds time to process the food.


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