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DIY Acupressure Fixes

Apr 17, 08:22 pm

          Acupressure is a friendly and fun alternative for those who are too squeamish for the needle. Originally used in combination with acupuncture, acupressure aims to restore free energy flow in the body to help alleviate symptoms associated with energy blockages and imbalances.
          Two of the techniques used below are called “reinforcing” and “reducing”. By applying pressure on acupoints, you are “reinforcing” that point and increasing energy to that area. Massaging the point in a counterclockwise direction is called “reducing” the point, and removes blockages of the energy (which is often experienced as pain) so it can start flowing freely again.
          In performing these exercises feel free to use your fingers. To apply pressure more precisely try using a pencil eraser or butt of a marker.

Energy Booster

For when you hit that sluggish midday feeling.

          Locate the tender spot four fingers below your kneecap, on the outside of your shinbone. Press your index or thumb firmly into the acupoint for 30 seconds to one minute.

Mental Focus

For when you find yourself in mental fog.

          With your index finger, firmly press the groove directly below your nose for thirty seconds. Next, apply pressure on the indentations on either side of your head (right near the outer edge of your eyebrows). Take a deep breath and exhale. You have the option of gently massaging these points counterclockwise for extra relief.

Quell Cravings

For that afternoon sweet tooth.

          Take your index and thumb fingers and pinch on either sides of the indent that’s between your nose and lips. Press firmly for 30 seconds to a minute.

Headache Relief

For migraines, headaches and other head pain.

          Squeeze the muscle between the thumb and your forefinger on your right hand using your left forefinger and thumb. Apply firm pressure for 30 seconds. Repeat the same steps on your left hand.

Mood Lift

For when you’re feeling anxious or blue.

          Take your index finger and locate the fleshy sensitive area located approximately two inches from the space between your big toe and second toe. The spot should feel slightly tender. Apply medium pressure with your index finger and move it in a counterclockwise direction on this point for 30 seconds.

Back Pain

For when you have pain in the back or neck.

          This acupoint also known as the “Back Stream” can be used to alleviate back pain and stiffness and neck pain and stiffness. Take your index finger and locate the point just below the base of the little finger on the outside edge of the hand. Apply firm pressure and massage counterclockwise throughout the day.

Heart Health

For those who experience arrhythmia and other heart problems.

          With your thumb, locate the edge of the nail on your little finger (the side that faces the ring finger). Press and massage this point for a few minutes every day for a healthy and regular heart.


For when you can’t fall asleep.

There are three acupoints for this acupressure technique.
          1. The first point is called the “Inner Gate” found in the middle of the inner side of the forearm, about two and a half finger widths from the wrist crease. Press or massage this point for one minute.
          2. The second acupoint is known as the “Spirit Gate”, located directly on the wrist crease in line with the pinky finger. Gently press and massage this point on both wrists for one minute.
          3. Lastly, to further ease tension, press your index fingers on the bottom of your skull about half an inch from the spine on both sides. Hold firmly for thirty seconds.


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