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Fun Things You Didn't Know About Food

Apr 27, 10:32 am

          You are what you eat, and you owe it to yourself to find out what you’re made of. Take away these seven facts about food that you probably didn’t know but will be glad you did:

Age Sugar-Free.
          Consuming sweets actually damage your skin’s collagen, leading to premature wrinkles. If you can’t stay away from the mochi, eat sugary snacks slowly which will reduce “glycation stress”, a condition that damages skin, according to Japanese researchers.

Citrus Care.
          A diet rich in citrus fruits lower women’s stroke risks. The type of flavonoid found particularly in citrus fruits, like oranges and grapefruit, called flavaonones are linked with the lower stroke risk.

Damage Control.
          People who get adequate amounts of vitamin D and calcium in their diets through food or supplementation are 11% less likely to fracture a bone than people who were deficient. Among elderly, the reduction in fractures is even greater at 30%.

Nutty Nutrition.
          Avoiding nuts because of the calories? Research shows that our bodies may not actually absorb all of the fat listed on the nutritional panel, so we are likely taking in fewer calories than we think. Now you can snack guilt-free on that handful of walnuts without doing damage to your waistline.


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