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Think Yourself Thin Part II

Dec 5, 04:28 pm

     We’ve all been victims of crash dieting. Fleeting moments of motivation lead us to do too much too soon and by the end of the week we’re left discouraged and bigger than when we started. We rarely get to the point where those little bouts of effort actually become pleasurable…

     The truth to losing weight in the long run is moderation. No, not deprivation, but moderation—a slow, steady effort in the right direction. If you make a habit of chanting “moderation” in your head the next time you head to the kitchen, you’ll be steps ahead of the game.

     Your total caloric intake (depending on your size) should lie somewhere between 1350-1650 calories a day for weight loss (taking into account some light to moderate exercise 3 times a week). This means that yes, start to be aware of how many calories that instant ramen has (600 calories! Yikes!), or a cup of brown rice (275 calories).

     Below is a guide to help you see what balanced meals should look like throughout your day.


     Dietitians claim this should be the biggest meal of your day for maximum weight loss. From a biological standpoint this may be true, but in practical real-life terms, this isn’t so easy to follow. Even recent studies have shown that when we load up on a big breakfast our total caloric intake for the day is on average greater than if we had consumed a normal breakfast. Why? Because our body expects more food throughout the day.

     The best rule to follow for breakfast is to eat between 380-500 calories with a combination of complex carbs, proteins and fats. This will prevent those mid-morning hunger pangs that can make you rush to the vending machines on break. A simple example of this would be:

  • 1 whole wheat toast (80)
  • 1 slice of cheese (90)
  • 1 egg (120)
  • 1 cup of milk (120)
  • Plus any vegetables and plenty of water


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