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Science of Attraction: How You Rank

Apr 3, 05:51 pm

          Research has shown that it takes less than a few minutes of interaction with someone to determine romantic interest. Chances are, well before any formal introduction, both parties have already decided whether to stick around or move on. So what are the biggest factors at work here? Studies have revealed that body language and appearance make up over half of this equation, while the voice makes up about a third. How about what is actually being said? Less than 10%, say experts.
          Attraction is clearly less about the content and more about the physical. So where do you stack up in this game of attraction? Read on to discover where your strengths lie and how to play them to your advantage.


          Dating back to caveman days our brains have been hardwired to sniff out the ideal mate. While women use smell to find the most genetically complimentary partner, men can innate when a woman is at her most fertile based on her chemical secretions or “invisible” scents (the copulins a woman produces when she’s ovulating attracts men and raises his testosterone).
          So what does this mean in today’s world of designer perfumes monopolizing the airways? While you aren’t likely to find a perfume that sends you into ovulation year-round, studies have shown that men are heavily influenced by a woman’s smell—artificial or natural. So what are the winning scents? See below:

               Vanilla: Vanilla has been used as a natural aphrodisiac since the 18th century when physicians actually recommended it to male patients to ensure potency. Try a perfume that combines rich vanilla undertones with amber, musk or wood scents.

               Orange: Citrus smells produced an arousal reaction in almost 20% of men, according to a study performed by The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation. Try a citrus-based perfume mixed with hints of sandalwood, vanilla or cinnamon (another aphrodisiac).

               Clean: Men are drawn to the fresh linen scent likely because it indicates good hygiene and conjures up comforting feelings from childhood.

               Steer Clear: “Dessert” perfumes or sprays that come off as too sweet or childish or heavy floral scents that remind men of their grandmothers.


          While you probably never gave it a second thought, the quality of your voice plays a role in your attractiveness. Women with higher levels of estrogen (indicating greater fertility) tend to have higher-pitched voices, which make them sound more appealing to the male ear. Interestingly enough, when a woman is ovulating and her estrogen levels are at their peak, her voice is reported as significantly more attractive by men. Breathiness is also considered an attractive feminine characteristic in the voice, perhaps because it signals “damsel in distress”.



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