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Skin: The Facts

Nov 16, 12:40 pm

     As the largest organ in your body, it’s no surprise that the state of your skin reflects the state of your internal health.

1. Estrogen helps to regulate your body’s oil production, and the week before your period, your estrogen level drops and the level of progesterone rises, stimulating oil production which can cause clogged pores and pimples. Supplements like zinc or vitamin A can help counteract this.

2. The biggest factor in determining what type of skin you will have is by looking to your mom and dad. Was your dad acne-prone as a teen? Does your mother have dry skin?

3. A well-balanced diet affects your body as a whole, including your skin. Despite popular research, if you’ve ever descended into a junk food slump you will notice your skin dulling. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and see the transformation from dull to luminous.

4. Herb doctors can determine the state of your health just by looking at the pimple map on your face. For example, tiny white spots around the nose and forehead, suggest a lung problem, oily skin and enlarged pores around the mouth, back, and chest suggest unhealthy digestive system, and those reddish pimples on your face and body could mean unhealthy blood flow.

5. Under-eye white bumps are milia, tiny hardened oil kernels just under the skin’s surface. Usually found near the eyes or on the cheeks, milia can be removed but they eventually disappear. Heavy creams or friction from eyeglasses may cause them.


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