Laser Peels Safe for Asian Skin?

Feb 7, 09:48 pm
Laser peels are used to correct wrinkles, acne scarring, skin discoloration and other skin imperfections. While laser peels can be used to treat the entire face it can also be performed in little patches like around the eyes or the mouth. The peeling can Continue reading...

Acid Mantle: Your Skin's Shield

Jan 16, 03:55 pm
You may have seen “acid mantle” mentioned on skin cream labels or heard about it from that pushy saleswoman at the department store, but few of us have been educated about what role it plays, how it protects us, and how we can protect it. Continue reading...

Soap: Good or Bad?

Nov 16, 09:28 pm
Soap contains surfactants that allow oil and water to mix. The more surfactant, the better the soap is at removing oil. However, too much surfactant can be harsh on skin Continue reading...


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