How to Command Power

Feb 29, 04:31 pm
Most women remember at least one time in their lives when they felt overlooked, underestimated, or undervalued. It's almost in our DNA to defer to others whether it's to avoid conflict or a sense of obligation. This kind of behavioral pattern has led us u Continue reading...

Things To Do Today

Feb 22, 09:39 pm
Like a flat tire or a work deadline, urgency kicks us into overdrive to get things done. But what about those other "less urgent" things? You know, the stuff you know you should get to, but put off until you have to. While washing the dishes and picking u Continue reading...

Jason Wu: Target's Newest Designer

Jan 25, 02:40 pm
Taiwanese fashion designer Jason Wu, otherwise known as “America’s fashion darling”, is now Target’s newest collaborator. Launching February 4th, this limited-time collection designed by Jason Wu will consist of 53 feminine pieces--both accessories and cl Continue reading...


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