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Part III

Jan 5, 12:26 am


     A hot perm is a low-maintenance hair option that doesn’t need much styling. In fact, the less, the better. Try to avoid blow drying which will cause stress to your already-processed hair. Brushing a hand through your hair should be enough for everyday looks.
     If you want more structure and definition, revive curls by twirling them around your finger. Use a little bit of hair spray to hold them in place.


     When it comes to buying appropriate brushes for your hot perm, look for bristles that are made with organic materials if possible. If this isn’t an option opt for metal bristles that offer flexibility and ball-tips like a paddle brush. When using your brush, slowly work your way from your ends to the scalp to prevent snagging of the hair.

How to Care

     When you undergo any type of perm you are essentially damaging the outer protective layer of your hair, so it is extremely important to start a good hair routine to prevent further damage.
     After shampooing and conditioning the ends of your hair, comb a leave-in treatment specifically formulated for permed or curled hair. Make sure to buy products that treat the broken outer-layer of your hair that are specifically made for treated hair (avoid alcohol-based products as they further strip the hair shaft).


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