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Feb 17, 09:02 pm

5. Wait 20

          Thoughts of chocolate have sent you running to your emergency stash? Your taste buds may be piqued but your stomach is likely satisfied. Next time you have a sudden craving—especially for a particular food—tell yourself to wait twenty minutes. Literally, time it. You might find the pang subsiding, and you’ll be thanking yourself for saving those hundreds of calories.

6. Drink 64oz Daily

          If you’re guilty of going a day with minimal water intake, you are sabotaging your fat burn mechanism and beauty health. Make sure you get 8 glasses of water a day. If you have trouble keeping track of the cups, here is when you should down one:
     Before Breakfast
     After Breakfast
     After Lunch
     Before Dinner

7. Eat Salad

          Always make a point to prepare a salad for dinner, even if this means throwing together half a head of lettuce with a few chopped tomato slices. This will provide you with a good source of soluble fiber, which slows the glucose absorption into your bloodstream for the rest of the meal.
          Note: Use balsamic vinegar for dressing (or on any part of your meal). The acetic acid content in vinegar deactivates amylase, an enzyme that converts starch into sugar.


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