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Apr 27, 11:07 am

Burn Green, Burn Lean.
          Green tea not only helps block fat, but helps your body in burn more of it. In a study done at Pennsylvania State University, green tea drinkers slowed their weight gain by 45% on a high-fat diet. For full benefits, drink two cups of regular or decaf a day.

Ease Stress-Fat.
          There’s a reason why low-fat dairy is recommended to trim your waistline. Calcium increases the activity of enzymes that break down fat cells and reduced the stress hormone cortisol the hormone that encourages your body to store belly fat. So make sure you are getting your daily 1% or low-fat yogurt!

Sprinkle Away Pain.
          Turmeric in your diet can help ease body aches. Curcumin, the valuable compound found in turmeric blocks the inflammation response in tendon cells. Try sprinkling turmeric on roasted vegetables or in soups to reap the benefit.


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