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Think Yourself Thin Part I

Dec 2, 04:21 pm

     In this artificially fast-paced world where we want results and we expect them now (or, at least by EOD), it’s hard to properly educate ourselves about health and how to really lead a healthy lifestyle. “If I can’t be where I want to be in 7 days or less, it’s not worth it,” we whine.

     Let’s face it, we’re spoiled, and like any spoiled teenager, reformation begins with attitude. It’s likely not our “slow metabolisms” or “genetic dispositions” that keeps us from being the stunning specimens we know we can be, it’s our way of thinking. Tweaking the way we approach the gym and chocolate cake is the real key to losing that flab for good and putting you on track to a healthy lifestyle.

So it begins with fitness:

     Far too many misguided Asian girls walk around pale, weak and soft. This is passable up until college but for the long run it’s important to cultivate good exercise habits to keep you healthy and fit for a long, fabulous life.

     Fitness is the aspect of losing weight we dread, and more often than not give up on prematurely. Somehow we are under the impression that exercise means working ourselves to utter exhaustion, and that’s leading you to failure.

     If these excuses to not exercise sound familiar, chances are you aren’t approaching fitness in the right way:

  • “I didn’t get enough sleep, I’ll do it tomorrow.”
  • “I’m still so sore from the other day.”
  • “The scale says I’m gaining weight!”
  • “I will never be that thin at the rate I’m going.”
  • “It’s too difficult, I’m not in the mood.”



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