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Feb 21, 04:37 pm

Laugh and Smile

          For those gals who people call “too intimidating,” this is probably one of the biggest lessons to take away. The most common way men judge whether he has a chance with a girl is if he can make her laugh. When you are laughing (even if it’s not because of the guy), this does two things: you become more desirable (who doesn’t love a carefree spirit?) and men want to keep making you laugh because it makes them feel good.
          So the next time you’re at a mixer or a social situation, let go and throw your head back for a good, hearty laugh. Just make sure it’s not directed at your man of interest.

Stay Healthy

          This means exactly what it says. Stay fit, stay healthy and stay vibrant. Taking care of your health is incredibly important. When people take care of themselves, not only does it reflect positively physically, but socially, too. Fit and healthy individuals are more radiant, attractive people. Not only will you garner more attention, you are more likely to be approached by other healthy people (like they say, “birds of a feather flock together”).
          Do you feel good about your body and health? If the answer is “yes”, you’re on the right path. If it is “no”, stepping your exercise routine to three or four times a week and adapting a healthier diet will leave you feeling renewed by month’s end. Your confidence will soar and you will be more empowered to put yourself out there.

Believe in Love

          It may be corny, but having a positive outlook about love will open you up to more opportunities to finding love. While you want to avoid being on the hunt 24/7, which can come off as desperate and cliché, having an inner belief that you can and will find love will serve you because you will approach meeting people in a refreshing, no-pressure kind of way. Instead of preoccupying yourself with a checklist every time you strike up conversation, a part of you will let go and know that what is meant to be, will be—and that is liberating.


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