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How to Spot a Keeper

Korean Drama Couple Lee Min-ho and Park Min-yeong
Mar 5, 04:44 pm

          Thankfully, you don’t have to live in a fairytale to find your prince charming. You do, however, have to know how to spot him (Hint: he won’t be riding in on a white steed). After all, our “happily ever after“s require much more than just a pretty face and a ride off into the sunset. If you want to better your chances of a fairytale ending, here are the six C’s to look for in finding your “one”:

          Does he respect you and the relationship? If he’s sweeping you off your feet before you jump into serious territory, it means he’s making sure your relationship develops in the right way. He doesn’t want to risk losing you by going too fast.
          Not only is courtship an indicator of how much he values the relationship-potential, it’s a chance for him to impress you and show you how grand life can be with him by your side. This phase is also important because while it doesn’t last forever, those magic moments when you first fell in love will carry you through tough times ahead.
          If he isn’t making the effort, it may be a sign that he isn’t ready to commit, or he isn’t betting on your long term potential. This doesn’t mean that a serious relationship can’t develop, but what woman wants to settle for a man who is just settling?

          Is he mature enough to value communication? Even if he hasn’t mastered the art of listening, he should at least be willing to listen. His ability to communicate in a positive way means he is invested enough to put up with one of the things men despise the most—talking about their feelings. It also shows he has respect for your voice in the relationship and wants to make you happy.
          If he demonstrates a tendency to run or hide at any sign of trouble, he isn’t seriously committed or isn’t mature enough to handle a serious commitment. He will likely protect his own ego over your happiness.

          This is probably the most important quality in seeking a long-term partner. While judging is not the best thing to do when entering into a relationship, these are some critical questions to ask yourself before determining whether he’s your prince charming or just another frog:

  • Does he know the difference between right and wrong?
  • Does he follow through with his promises?
  • Is he punctual?
  • Have you ever caught him lying about his past?
  • Has he cheated in his previous relationships?
  • Is he responsible with his finances, job, and other commitments?
  • Does he stand up for himself?
  • Does he feel any remorse for his wrongdoings?


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