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Apr 17, 02:44 pm

4. Please Don’t Change.
          If you could change one thing about your man, what would it be? This question may seem harmless enough, but if the answer gnaws away at you on a regular or even semi-regular basis, you aren’t going to stay happy. It’s natural to see your guy’s flaws for what they are, but it is a warning sign when you try to change those flaws or find yourself saying “if only…” too often.
          When you really care about someone, the sum is always greater than its parts. That’s one thing chick flicks have right.

5. You Are Fair-Minded.
          Do you expect him to shower you with nothing but affection, while you blow up at him on a whim? Holding your guy to a double standard isn’t just unfair, it’s a big red flag. While this dynamic may appear functional in the beginning, it will quickly devolve into a vicious cycle of abuse and resentment, often leading to an ugly breakup. When you are with the right person, you want him to feel as loved and appreciated as he makes you feel.


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