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Do it Better Beauty Tips

Shown Above: Japanese actress and former-model Keiko Kitagawa.
Mar 14, 12:13 pm

          Feel like you have your beauty routine down pat? Even if you are feeling Zen with your current beauty ritual, surprise yourself by finding small areas for improvement. Here are 5 useful tips on how to add to, or improve your beauty routine right now.

1. Spray Smart.
          Yes, there’s a right way to spritz on your favorite scent! Here is what to avoid: applying perfume over other products such as creams and lotions. The chemicals in perfumes react in unpredictable ways, which can leave you with an altered smell. Additionally, avoid rubbing your wrists together as this actually crushes the fragrance molecules in the perfume, which can lead to a poor wearing smell throughout the day. To maximize your fragrance, spray your neck once, or spray both wrists separately.

2. Rub Right.
          Maximize your eye cream splurges with the proper application: For the lower lid, start with your finger just past the outer corner of your eye and smooth the product across your lid toward the inner corner. This is the direction your lymphatic fluid flows, so the gentle motion of your fingers will help increase circulation and decrease puffiness. Conversely for the upper lid, start at the inner corner of the eye and smooth the cream across toward the outer corner. Repeat these motions on both your upper and lower lids until product is completely blended into the skin.

3. Sleep Wrinkle-Free.
          If you’re a side-sleeper, try flipping over onto your back. Studies have shown that women who sleep on their side or stomach develop “sleep lines” (more wrinkles) on the side of their face they tend to sleep on at night. Not only are you at risk of more wrinkles, but uneven wrinkles! If sleeping on your back isn’t possible, invest in a satin pillowcase—the silky, slippery texture may help minimize pull on your skin.

4. Make it Last.
          If you’re looking for long lasting, even coverage, try using a clear primer before applying your foundation. This will give your foundation lasting power and provide a smooth palette for even application. Primers will also leave your skin with an appearance of smaller pores and reduced fine lines.

5. Blush Pretty.
          Start using your blush to achieve a youthful glow by avoiding heavy pinks, and opting for peachy and floral hues. Start with your brush at the edge of the apples of your cheeks and sweep back along your cheekbone toward your hairline. Next, take a highlighter and blend a dab right at the highest point of your cheekbone where the light naturally falls. This will open your face and give it a nice dewy glow.


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