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Skin Rules Asian Women Live By

South Korean actress Hye Jin-han showing off her supple complexion in Marie Claire.
Mar 7, 02:59 pm

          It seems there is nothing more important in the beauty world than maintaining a healthy, vibrant complexion. Whether it’s lifting, smoothing, filling or tucking, there seems to be an endless number of procedures that offer expensive solutions to our skin woes, but usually end up being temporary and superficial. You can choose to spend thousands of dollars on painful peels or laser treatments to counteract years of damage, or you start taking measures today by adopting these 8 simple skin rules:

1. Only use Fragrance-Free Products. Scented products typically contain ethanol, which interferes with the production of fatty acids in your skin—leading to dryness and potential irritation.

2. Less is More. If starting a new skin regimen, like retin-A, for example, start with very small amounts, and ease into larger quantities. Overwhelming your skin with foreign chemicals can lead to irritation and skin damage.

3. Exfoliate less. While you think your sloughing off unwanted dirt and dead skin cells, you are harming the essential protective layers of your skin, making you more prone to burns and harmful bacterial infection.

4. Wash your Face Daily, but no more than twice a day. Too much sebum, your skin’s natural fatty oils and sweat, can lead to unwanted pimples, but washing your face more than twice a day causes undue stress to your skin.


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