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5 (Different) Ways to Slow Aging

Nov 23, 07:04 pm

     Until someone discovers the elixir of youth, we mortals have to find alternative ways to keep ourselves feeling and looking our best for years to come. Here are 5 very practical and effective ways you can keep your youth or reclaim it!

(1) Have Fun!

     Ever notice how vibrant someone looks when she can kick her head back with a good hearty laugh?
     Not only does laughing radiate youth, but studies have shown that laughter extends peoples’ lives. A study in Norway showed that a patient diagnosed with cancer was 70 times more likely to survive until the end of the study if laughter was an important part of his or her life.
      Who knew that having a good time was so powerful? As we age we become burdened, cynical and less likely to “let loose”. It’s a tough but important life skill to learn how to exclude your professional stresses from your personal life.

How: At least once a week do something fun. This can be anything from seeing a funny movie, line-dancing or skydiving along the Monterey coastline. Just make a commitment to reconnect with your fun side.



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