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Dec 8, 11:39 am

6.      Try less foundation. If you’re using liquid foundation, be courageous enough to try a tinted moisturizer or even a mineral powder foundation. You may discover you prefer going more natural.

7.      Accessorize differently. Dig through your jewelry and uncover some of the old treasures you haven’t worn in years (especially that gorgeous piece you’ve always been too afraid to lose).

8.      Paint your nails. Ever wanted to try a daring color like neon pink? Black? Do it now! Though we usually don’t give it much thought, the color and state of our nails have a psychological impact on our self-perception. See what it does for you.

9.      Wear a hat. Especially now that it’s winter, it’s a perfect excuse to wear a cute snuggly find you’ve been stashing away in your closet. Try pairing it with a cute side-braid. You’ll feel like you’re in a Corean drama.

10.      Hair-cessorize.Try a headband with your usual pony, or a pretty pin to tie back the top half of your layers. Adding an extra accessory to your hair will make you instantly feel more put together and feminine.


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