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6-Minute Morning Makeup

Dec 14, 11:58 am

     Hit that snooze button one too many times but don’t want to live to regret it? Here are six essential steps to get you through your morning makeup routine so you can still come out looking fresh and fabulous.

Fast Foundation (1-1/2 minutes)

     Lightly dab concealer on the major trouble spots: below the eyes, along your t-zone and any other strategic areas around your mouth. Blend in gently with fingers. Then take a stipple brush to lightly dab on foundation (too much may get messy in a time pinch). Blend with brush or your fingers.

Speedy Eyes (3 minutes)

     1. Use an eyelining pencil in dark brown to line just above the eyes and smudge with fingers.

     2. Apply light beige eyeshadow over your brow bones for highlight.

     3. Sweep the entire lid with a color two shades darker than your skin tone. Apply eyeliner, if desired.

     4. Sweep on as many coats of mascara as needed.


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