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Magic Shadow: The Basics

Nov 16, 12:44 pm

     Eyeshadow colorings should be chosen more carefully than you may think. Brown isn’t the same brown on every face. Find the shade that’s right for your skin tone after foundation application. The key to beautiful shading is knowing how to use a good brush. Pick two to three best eyeshadow colors. Browns and plums are still the safest bet because blues create ashy tones. If you want to experiment with light blues without looking ridiculous, try an imperial purple over the lid with darker cobalt blue accents at the outer corners. Blue should never be the primary color on your lid.

1. Cover the entire lid with a light base color.

2. Highlight browbones with a lighter beige shade.

3. Contour eye socket lines with darker brown.

4. Apply liquid eyeliner.

5. Apply a dark shade of any color, even cobalt blue, just above the lash line and below the eyes to give natural blending. This will have a sultry, sexy effect.

6. Top it off with a volumizing mascara.


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