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Foundation Rules for Asian Skin

Mar 16, 08:56 am

          Foundation is arguably the most important staple in every woman’s makeup collection, preventing beauty disaster one blemish at a time. Think back to all the mornings you were greeted by a throbbing whitehead ripening on your chin or forehead. What would you have done without your trusty powder and cover up? Know how to get the most out of your foundation by following these 8 simple rules:

1. Wash Your Brushes. Recommended once a week, but once every couple of weeks is better than, well, never! Regular rinsing will get rid of bacteria buildup that can result in breakouts, and will make for smoother application. Use dish soap for synthetic brushes and baby shampoo for natural bristles. When lying them out to dry try this nifty tool to keep the original shape of your bristles.

2. Workout Bare. Engage in sweaty sessions barefaced, as foundation can trap sweat in your pores leading to potential breakouts and other skin irritations. If you insist on covering up, try a light-coverage tinted moisturizer and make sure to wash your face immediately after your workout.

3. Go Lighter. If you’re looking to eliminate dark circles, choose a concealer color two shades lighter than your skin tone, and look for one with an extra creamy texture. Avoid sticky concealers for under eye circles as they tend to bring out fine lines.

4. Match Perfect. Don’t settle for a foundation that does not compliment your golden undertones. While it can look acceptable under artificial light, it will likely turn an unflattering salmon in sunlight. Go to any MAC store and have the staff assist you in finding your match. If you can, buy a small amount of the product and use that as your comparison guide when browsing other foundation brands. Taking the time out to find your true match is well worth the effort and will save you years of second-guessing. If you’re between two shades, go lighter and more golden.


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