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Brow Patrol

Nov 16, 12:11 pm

     The eyebrows frame your eyes and define the character of your face. Of particular interest to Asian women, simple tweezing can open eyes and make them appear larger.

     The biggest mistake beginner’s make: vigorous plucking and trimming leaving you with lop-sided peaky brows. Being able to look at the whole picture of what you are doing is critical. Think of your face as a canvas and determine the shape that will look the best on your unique face shape. If you are in doubt, work with your natural brow shape. Understand that those sophisticated high arched brows may not be the best shape for you, but well-groomed brows are high-priority.

Follow these six simple steps:

1. When in doubt, use a white eye pencil and draw the shape you want over the brow. It’s like using chalk on fabric to trace a dress pattern.

2. Lightly rub moisturizer over the brows to prep the skin and minimize pain.

3. Pull the skin taut around the brow area, and tweeze close to the hairline to minimize pain. Dab astringent to refresh skin afterward.

4. Use an eyebrow comb to brush brows upward and trim unruly hair that sticks out, the way hair stylists cut hair.

5. Use an eyebrow brush to gently sweep the brows upward.

6. Fill-in. Use light feathery strokes to fill in gaps with a fine eyebrow pencil.


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