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Color Correct

Nov 16, 12:38 pm

Here’s a guide to help you choose your colors wisely.

     Exciting and strong. It symbolizes fire and blood. The great energy and intensity can help create romance, passion and drama. A wide range of reds look terrific on Asians. Pink and peach are delicate, feminine, compassionate, calming and approachable. Pink is good for fair and olive skintone and peach is for more yellow or golden.
Best: True red, magenta red, ruby, wine.
Worst: Orange-red.

     Friendly and lively. Great for Asians with light to medium brown hair. For black hair, orange works if you have a yellow or golden tint to your skin.
Best: Deep, vivid orange worn with a lot of black.
Worst: Rust, light orange, tangerine.

     Sunshine color. It symbolizes radiance, warmth and friendliness. In general Asians should wear yellow only in small amounts, for example, as accessory pieces.
Best: Canary yellow, lemon yellow, daffodil yellow.
Worst: Mustard yellow, cheddar yellow.

     Fresh, tranquil, natural and stable. Shades of green with yellow or brown can bring out an unflattering sallow tone in some skin.
Best: Emerald green, Hunter’s green, clear green.
Worst: Sage green, moss green, lime green, tea green.

Light blues are calming and dark blues are powerful and authoritative. Navy is a versatile color that projects professionalism and leadership. Most blues work well except for very light shades.
Best: Navy blue, cobalt blue, true blue, royal blue, turquoise, deep periwinkly blue.
Worst: Baby blue, pale aqua blue.

     In ancient times it suggested wealth and royalty because it was a rare dye. It symbolizes the mystical, sensitivity, uniqueness and artistry. It can be flattering for those with a yellow skintone.
Best: Royal purple, violet, amethyst.
Worst: Lilac, lavender.

     Comforting, casual and sincere. These shades blend in with Asian skintones and create a dull, boring look. If you like these shades, dress up with more striking colors and accessories.


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