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Flatter Me Fashion

Nov 16, 12:35 pm

     If you’re blessed with a long slender neckline, read no further. Those with shorter necks should stay away from turtlenecks. Instead, go for plunged tops with spaghetti straps. If your neck isn’t slender, on the other hand, turtlenecks can help hide the flaws, and so will boat necklines that hides the back of the neck.

     The broad-shouldered should stay away from sleeve tops cut closer to the neck than normal. Also stay away from shoulder pads to avoid harsh exaggerated lines.

     Ample upper arms should stay away from short puffy sleeves. Keeping the upper arm covered is the best slenderizing tactic.

     Shiny fabrics are great for the flat chested. Just remember to wear a loose style to give the illusion of volume. For those who wish for a flatter chest, stay away from shiny fabrics.

     Dressing in one color from head to toe plays up your height and makes you look longer and thinner. Black is always in and spells mystery and sophistication. It also absorbs rough edges of less expensive fabrics and tailoring, and provides a great backdrop to set off fine jewelry. Almost everyone looks great in white and ivory toned blouses when worn underneath a dark suit.


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