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5 Ways to Add Sex Appeal

Photo: South Korean model and actress Song Hye-kyo
Dec 9, 03:43 pm

     Some people are just born with it—the inexplicable ability to lure the opposite sex. To an outsider it’s puzzling: “How do they make it look so effortless?” “I’m way cuter than her!” Believe it or not about 40% of that attention isn’t dictated by attractiveness. The power of sexual confidence is something that comes from the inside out. Ever wonder why there’s a swarm of men ready to court you just after you get into a relationship? Ironic, isn’t it?

1. Body Language: Simple movements like crossing your legs, touching your cheek, arching your back, holding a gaze just a second longer are all subtle signals that guys pick up on. It let’s them know you’re comfortable with your body and who you are. Pay attention to your physicality but don’t make it cheesy. You can always practice in the mirror.

2. Let Loose: This doesn’t mean jump on the stage and hump the stripper pole. It can mean not checking your phone every 5 minutes, or sizing up “competition”. When you’re less concerned about what you look like and what others around you are thinking, you’ll be a much more interesting person. Men are drawn to women who can have fun. It exudes confidence and subconsciously lets him know that you aren’t going to be clinging onto his arm the rest of the night.


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