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Beauty and Love Superstitions

Stefanie Sun before her trademark mole was removed.
Dec 14, 11:10 am

     Asians are known for their weird superstitions. For example, earlier this week, Singaporean singer Sefanie Sun removed a trademark mole at the right corner of her eye, in hopes of conceiving next year (the year of the dragon).

     Stefanie’s mole was known as the “phoenix mole”, and according to her fengshui master, while it helped enhance her social and love life, propelling her into stardom, the mole will be unlucky for marriage.

     Whether or not you’re a believer, here are some popular love and beauty superstitions:

1. A black mole on the bridge of your nose means disaster coming your way.

2. While prominent cheekbones and a high forehead on a man is found desirable, on a woman, it’s an unlucky omen for marriage.

3. Never marry someone who is older or younger by 3 or 6 years.

4. Moles on your shoulder or back mean you’ll have a burden to carry.

5. Moles located on the upper chest means a happy life, but your health may be in question from the years 50 and over.

6. A high nose with a straight bridge and a big round tip indicate sound physical health and abundance in wealth.

7. Don’t give shoes to your boyfriend/girlfriend or they’ll run away!


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