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Seven Fun Facts

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Jan 18, 02:53 pm

     Below are some fun facts you can take with you to the water cooler, the gym, the grocery store, and even the bedroom.

1. Play Time
Speaking of fun, recent research suggests that tapping into your sense of fun ranks just as high as a healthy diet, hygiene and sleep. Build a sandcastle, start a snowball fight, hark back to your childhood—it’s time to rediscover your playful side!

2. Diets Away
Not all bodies are created equal. Recent research with a study of one million participants found that the healthiest body mass indexes (BMI) for Asians lie between 22.6 and 27.5 (considered normal to slightly overweight in the Western world).
     Subjects with a BMI of 35 and above had a 50 percent higher chance of death, while individuals with a BMI of 15 or lower were nearly three times more likely to die.
     This may help explain why Asians can be thinner while their body fat percentages read higher. The next time your trainer is hounding you about your numbers, don’t sweat it too much.

3. Drink Up
One serving of alcohol a day can reduce your risk of dementia by 23%, according to a study at Loyola University. The de-stressing effects of alcohol make you less susceptible to cognitive decline. Overdoing it, however, reverses the effect so pour mindfully.


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