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Things To Do Today

Feb 22, 09:39 pm

          Like a work deadline, urgency has a way of kicking us in the butt to get things done quickly and efficiently. But what about those other “less urgent” things? You know, the stuff you know you should get to, but ignore until things get bad. While washing the dishes and picking up your dirty laundry are generally chores you can afford put off, here are 5 things on your life’s checklist that you need to do today.

1. Visit the Dentist

          If you’ve been resisting your teeth cleaning every six months, seeing your dentist for at least a yearly checkup is crucial for reasons beyond maintaining pearly whites. Not only can an unhealthy mouth lead to much more painful (and costly) dental visits in the future, but has been linked to a greater risk of heart disease. Researchers have found that people with gum disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease. One theory behind this statistic is that when oral bacteria enters the blood stream it attaches to plaque in the arteries and contributes to clot formation. Researchers also found that certain types of gum disease may also increase your risk of pancreatic cancer—good enough reasons in themselves.
          If you have been putting off that cleaning or checkup because of laziness or unresolved childhood phobias, it’s time to pick up the phone and schedule one today. Not only can you catch any warning signs early on, your dentist can steer you toward better oral hygiene habits.

2. Update Passwords

          If you have online banking accounts or are registered with sites that store credit card information, it’s time to safeguard your privacy and your funds by routinely changing your passwords. Chances are you have either been the victim, or know someone who has been the victim of credit card fraud or email/Facebook hacking.
          Creating predictable, obvious passwords relating to your age, birthday or name will make you much more vulnerable to these kinds of attacks on your online accounts. What is the best way to prevent this kind of hassle? Create a password containing at least 10 characters that include letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers and symbols (*, ^, #, !, etc.). If you want to be extra careful, write down important passwords inside of an unassuming notebook or piece of paper for reference.


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